Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Little Update

A few unforgettable moments that happened to me these past few weeks..

First day at College on 2009, 5 Jan to be exact
Great! My first day at college really great!! I really mean it~ Scored a bull's eye today, Syireen threw a punch at me on my left eye.. This incident happened right after Ausmat Briefing session came to an end.. She did it on purpose! (hahaha!)
No.. she didn't mean to do that.. Was it so hard to say sorry even you didn't do it on purpose?? I'm not angry at you at all.. In fact, I've never taken it as a something big.. but please, say sorry at least?

Be nice to people around you okay? *Masih terasa sakit 'till you say sorry*
No hard feelings Syireen, just wanna demand an apology from you.. ^___^

January 8, 2009
English, Ms Chan..
Oh well.. during english time.. "Part 1 take 1, and... ACTION!" What a 'lucky' me to be.. Being a beverage machine was of course something that I'm no good at all.. My line was "bushhh, bing, bang! ... your beverage is ready!" hahaha I had to imitate all those sounds that seemed awkward to be heard of.. Damn! everyone was laughing at me! I tried really hard y'know!! yea.. Maybe Indera should learn and imitate a lot more voices of machine and sound of electronic devices so Indera won't be a freaking-imitating-beverage-machine-staying-dull-at-a-corner in front of class anymore!!.. When I'm writing this post, I'm shyly blushing!! DAMN IT!! Go away blush!! Shoohhh~

Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow..
Routine went on as usual, Main Office is the place i visit every morning.. hmmm.. except Wednesday!! Wow2.. No class today!

One week passed

January 13, 2009

Time frame : between 3-5 p.m.

With the speed of lightning.. We went to Subang.. WE?? Nurhaniff and I definitely! (Do note that after this, Nurhaniff will be Nur, it's purposely to prevent an ambiguity between Nurhaniff and Hanif..

Now, where were we? Oh ya.. The journey was boring all the way long 'till we arrived at Subang, it took us about 40-45 mins to arrive at a place that were intentionally heading to.. Road was busy as usual, congestions were normal to people living here, respectively to those who commute every single day, morning and evening to their working place and home..

Now what were we doing here actually?? AAARRGGGHHHH!!! In a blink of eyes, a wreckless driver with his old-fashioned car, urmm.. Nissan(cant recall what model was that) if i'm not mistaken abruptly overtook a car in front of him.. well, he was actually at the opposite side of us, so he was in different lane, y'know what i meant.. Can you imagine how was that possible.. We were travelling at the centre of road, right, this is my lane, so i can be wherever i like.. simple because there was only a scooter at that time, yeah it was us.. so if something 'lucky' happened to me and Nur, that could be the last moment we could breath assuming that head-to-head collision occured.. I was really scared to death as if my blood was running away from me, and my mind played a fool with me..

The feeling was like, "Hey! Am I still alive? Am I still breathing" and trust me, I held a tight grip on the scooter's throttle.. Did I mention that honestly I stopped breathing for about 1 to 2 mins?
Yeah! I was gasping for a tons of O2.. To keep my cool head, to comfort my uneasiness, and to make sure that I still on earth.. Oh wow!! I didn't know what happen to Nur, he took quite a long pause.. No.. we didn't get involved with any accident, and it was a swift escape.. Thank god!!

'nuff talking bout others' misbehaved attitudes on the road.. So here's how the story ended..
Nur's got a new Motorcylce!! Modenas Kriss 120.. green in colour!! Yay! Same colour with my scooter.. and why do you pick such colour Nur?? Answer me!!

I hate traffic congestions!! Nur was left far behind when i was zig-zag crossing all the cars in front.. This time, Nur was on his own beloved-bike plus with non stop smiling ear to ear that i could see from his fair face.. I overpassed everyone with the speed of 90mph.. Suck! It was fast as in no vehicles are on my way.. Luckly, i had acquired the skill of 'mencilok'.. so, traffic jams arent a problem for me.. Once i got home, i had to wait another half and hour.. and Nur was damn late.. because traffic congestions all the way going back to BU had caught him.. He stucked a few times and the last time i saw him was on my last glimpse to my side mirror.. and after that I noticed he's out of my side anymore.. Both of us were painfully exhausted in the agony of congestion.. once he got home, no more smile ear to ear and it turned out to be something else.. and till now, if i recall that day, the excruciating faint still can be felt.. sigh~

p/s : Kriss 120 was bought years ago.. Nur's father posted this machine to Subang, so that's how we got there and picked up the nicely-wrapped package.. no such thing~! bikes cant be wrapped up!
-be a good road user, don't make others angry!
-what would you do if you see someone's wallet on the road when you are stucked in a time consuming congestion?? would you go out from your vehicle and grab the once in a blue moon opportunity??

With love? No, with a smile ^___^
Indera yang suka merapu..
Ko lagi merapu Ajim!!
Asal with love lak kat blog ko??
Bajet jambu la tuh??
Dah la tukar name Jane..
Name Khair Azim kan sedap je dengar..
X yah bajet nak jadi foreigner laa.. Be proud of your name!
Best pe name ko..

(tetibe ade name ko kat sini lak)


fatin_banana said...

huhu lawak ah indra,,first2 aku bace elok je..sdp
smpai part last2..ade lak terselit nme ajim tuh..

Indera Putera Kayangan -Mus- said...

saje je aku nak kenakan dia.. hihi~

b.a.s.s said...

aku ingat panjang sangat aa ko nyer description psl aku


5 rangkap je
lepaih tu kutuk aku lak
siap aa ko

p/s:nak gitar bass. saper name pompuan main bass tu?? boleh dibuat bini nih, hahhaa

b.a.s.s said...

lupe lak
memang best nama khair azim

tapi yg x best nyer kene share ngan 3 abg

sumer dah tibai name stylo2
untuk aku dah abih dah

Indera Putera Kayangan -Mus- said...

bdk yang ade gitar bass tu name dia Hanis..

gitar bass tu memang gitar dia.. bapak dia share dwet ngn dia belikan gitar tu.. tapi dia sayang nak jual..

dia da cakap ngn abang dia laa.. nanti abang dia carikan yang kaw2 punye.. jangan takut.. abang dia gitarist yang power dan terer..

laaa kena share ke??? sempoi~

name ko best ar.. jangan takut..

b.a.s.s said...

lmbat x abg dier cari??
kalo dapat a.s.a.p okey gak

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