Monday, August 10, 2009

forgive yourself..

Many things bumped into me lately, my dear friends have their own problems, so do others. Yes, I mean 'friends'. Each and everyone of them has their own personal problems. Nothing much I can do for them. Well, for now..

However, I do believe in other people's experience.

They just need to an ear to hear and a shoulder to cry on. That's enough and that's what I think. Ohh, and yes, they need a sincere heart to share their difficult times.
That's okay, everyone has ups and downs. I'm ready to be there when you need it. If there's a person in this world who has no hard times in his life, I bet he would be the most boring and lame person ever existed in this universe. Huhh? Why is that so?

Life's unpredictable, and imagine if you never had a single fault in your life and you are happy all the time. Wouldn't that be boring? I mean, hey.. sadness is part of life, isn't? Humans are full with emotions, that's the fact. Back to the basic root, we are all human, not animals, they ain't got no emotional sensations. We, humans, are given such wonderful feelings to have moods. Therefore, be thankful to God and appreciate it while it lasts.

Sometimes, I don't know what to say to my dear friends out there. But, how long it gonna stay like this? Don't terminate your ownself. Give it a break! I know it's hard. The fact that I know you ever since we first met, you are not fool hardy. What is more, you are smarter, well-rounder than me. I know, people made mistakes, we all know. Often, you have forgiven the ones who treat you badly, but, have you ever forgiven yourself? Please.. if you are in silent mood, no one won't know what's the problem, but people would notice you are in trouble. Seriously, action speaks louder than word. All in all, I do hope you will forgive yourself. That's the first step, most crucial part, to get rid of the bugging stuffs in the mind of yours.

In case you are in profound grief, believe in ALLAH/God and have faith with HIM. No matter what happens, HE will always be the greatest ear to hear and enormous shoulder to cry on. Do make sure you discover your innerself first, as the saying goes, "God helps those who help themselves"

Don't worry be happy = )
It's only a matter of time.
Once you realized it,
I'm sure you will giggle to yourself.

To all readers, you guys are free to drop a comment regarding this matters. A comment of yours, who knows, would create a shining bulb on my head to help my friends here. Just share to me, what would you do, if your friends abruptly have problematic disorder and turns into someone else. For most cases, he/she would turn their back on you. Thanks = )

Sunday, August 2, 2009

tak paham cek gua..

Dulu aku pernah try,
kalo aku sound direct,
mesti lepas tu orang tak layan aku,
so.. aku sound indirect,

tapi aku tak tau la dia paham ke tak,
lepas tu aku buat gila sket,
tapi bukan sket, banyak kot,
dah tu aku plak yang kena settle ngn diorang..

"F word"!!
bila aku bising korang menyampah,
bila aku senyap korang menyebok!

aku tak boleh nak puaskan hati korang je,
hati aku bila nak puas??

aku tau,
bising boleh, ikut keadaan,
senyap tak salah, tapi jangan selalu..

korang dah penat ikut perangai aku?
so? sape suruh ikut??

nak dijadikan cerita..
alkisahnya suatu malam yang dingin dan hening..
sedang aku keluar,
bila aku balik rumah..
"ohh si~~~l!! mane moto aku??"

nak keluar boleh weyh.. aku tak laa marah sangat..
tapi masalahnya, korang tak bagitau ke mana hala tuju korang,
minta izin pun tak..
tau2 kunci moto dah kena sebat..
kalau ada lesen takpe la jugak..
dekat boleh diterima, ni jauh si~~~la!!

dulu aku pernah sound kot,
"moto ni bapak aku beli memang untuk korang pakai, bapak aku beli bukan untuk aku pon"
pastu senyap~~
seminggu takde sape berani nak pinjam..
tup2.. pinjam lagi..

lagi satu, kalo nak pinjam tu.. x yah ar buat benda bukan2 pakai moto aku..
pinjam lama2.. gi keluar dengan orang tersayang kau.. sampai aku nak pakai pun tak boleh..
pinjam tujuan tak baik.. korang ingat moto aku tu bapak aku belikan untuk tujuan camtu ke??
moto tu ayah aku belikan untuk anak En. ZAKARIA, bukan korang!! Dan anak dia bernama INDERA! paham??

ni pasni kalau tak paham tak tau laa... kadang2 aku rase lagi best kalo kita tak kenal, kalo kita kenal pun, kenal camtu je.. takpun kalau kita gaduh.. taknak cakap, tegur pun taknak.. lagi bagus.. supaya tak menyusahkan aku.. benci aku pun lagi aku suka.. yg benci ko, aku tak susahkan ko pun.. ko yg mencari masalah.. yg bestnya korang takleh suka2 je men rembat kunci moto aku..

kadang2 aku pun paham la.. nak keluar makan, okay fine.. pakai laa.. aku x kesah.. tapi hati2, pakai helmet.. bila kita sampaikan hajat orang lain, insyaAllah hajat kita akan disampaikan bila kita memerlukan betul tak?

Tak salah tau bila minta izin.. at least aku tau la korang nak kemana, tapi bayangkan bila korang main sebat je kunci aku, pastu keluar.. tup2 you guys involved in a gruesome accident(minta dijauhkan).. nak2 takde lesen plak tu.. nanti yang kena soal siasat aku la PANDAI!! sebab motor tu nama aku, therefore aku yang bertanggungjawab atas segala hal tentang motor tersebut..

eksiden tu 10 minit je.. tapi hal2 lepas eksiden tu 10 bulan pun kadang2 tak abeh..
okay setakat ni je laa kot.. dah lama aku pendam, kalau tak cakap sekarang nanti perkara still the same, tak berubah apa2 pon.. Minta maaf atas kekasaran bahasa, kasar tak berniat nak mengasari, cuma ingin mengingati


= P
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