Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sape tau...

Kedai jam di kawasan Bandar Utama? Aku dah cari kat One Utama, langsung xde kedai yang boleh membetulkan jam tangan, kedai jual jam je yang ada..

jam tangan aku rosak = (

Sunday, July 19, 2009

simbol ape lepas ni?

what is left unsaid speaks volume
look from different angle
for every cloud has a silver lining,
silence is golden

sorry for rubbing it up on the wrong way
therefore don't come to the wrong end of the stick
and don't write my name on bad books of yours
cause i'm not a bad egg

commence on the right foot
look on the bright side
if heart in the right place
of course the left hand would know what the right one is doing
and for sure people who live in glass houses should not throw stones

what is said is heart-to-heart
make sure you don't have the heart of glass
for my heart misses a beat
as bad rumours spread fast like a wildfire

thank you, i turn a deaf ear
tell the truth, i never turn the crack
do notice, there's never a road without a turning
thus, a new leaf is turned

= )
= )

( =
( =

lepas tu simbol ape plak keluar?

Monday, July 13, 2009

A Moment to Have a Peaceful Mind!

Let's hear from Muhammad Nur Haniff..
the sound whispers into the air and like an arrow,
striked very sharply to his innocent and 'hidden agenda' heart..
hesitately moved his butt from his chair..
turned on me, asked me a few opinions regarding the issue being demanded..
remarkablely, he gave the correct answer to all the questions! = )

Now, let's hear me plucking this guitar..
sounds were so nice and no running tempo could be heard..
striked into your soul with the powerful chords and dramatic melodies..
no hesitation strumming the songs demanded,
turned both of your ears on and give me an opinion for the music I played..
thanks for the smile on your face! = )

Sunday, July 12, 2009

fcuk you!

i used to
heart you
like you
admire you

i hate you
i dislike you
admire you no more

Muhammad Zhafran bin Azharudin

for more details, please have a visit at my facebook when you are free.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Nothing Else Matters

ohh.. give me a break!

For so long I haven't been strumming and plucking this song. It reminds me of my childhood where my big brother used to play every single day and it was like a tune singing plus hovering my mind again and again. From that memory that I could recall, I was absolutely mesmerized with his skill of grasping nice melodies on his guitar kapok. It sparked a line of music in me, a melody in my mind, a song in the eyes of a innocent kid to actually hold a musical instrument and most probably the skills of getting attention expressed in harmonic ways.

Nothing Else Matters, a song who turned me into a guitarist and a person who enjoys music a lot. Yes, I mean a LOT! Different types of music do reflect my attitude, behaviour and personal emotions. Genre is a simple yet funny term designed for humans to be able to differentiate between hard rock music and softy ones, not forgotten to the harmonic and heart-catching beats who turned a mass of people become who they not. As for me, genre doesn't matter at all! As long as the beats and the rythms suit me, it will be fine! = )

It is such an honour to have a big brother who seeds me with colourful world of music and melody. Although my father doesn't like high volume filling the air of the house. Sorry Dad, my bad. I could not deny it, sometimes the sounds from the guitar I plucked surpass the permissible volume that you could bear with. It is a life of a teenager, full of curiousity and love to try something new and extraordinary. I'll be a good boy, and always be in your heart! To my big brother if you read this (I'm sure you'll) well, thanks a lot for giving me the idea of playing guitar although big sis didn't catch up with me untill now. Haha = P
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