Sunday, July 19, 2009

simbol ape lepas ni?

what is left unsaid speaks volume
look from different angle
for every cloud has a silver lining,
silence is golden

sorry for rubbing it up on the wrong way
therefore don't come to the wrong end of the stick
and don't write my name on bad books of yours
cause i'm not a bad egg

commence on the right foot
look on the bright side
if heart in the right place
of course the left hand would know what the right one is doing
and for sure people who live in glass houses should not throw stones

what is said is heart-to-heart
make sure you don't have the heart of glass
for my heart misses a beat
as bad rumours spread fast like a wildfire

thank you, i turn a deaf ear
tell the truth, i never turn the crack
do notice, there's never a road without a turning
thus, a new leaf is turned

= )
= )

( =
( =

lepas tu simbol ape plak keluar?


khair 3rd said...

aku suke pakai simbol yang boleh ditulis ngan kalkulator casio 530

aku x nak tulis simbol ni kerana AGAK lucah

p/s:ko mesti wat gak kan dulu2?? ntah2 skarang pun wat gak

Indera Putera Kayangan -Mus- said...

simbol tu dulu x silap aku ko yg ajar aku.. ingat tak time kita study same2 dulu.. kat dorm pun ko ada ajar aku gak.. hahahaha

p/s: gaban yg selalu pakai kalkulator, dia kan 'terer' add math! heheheheheheheheehehhehehehehe~~~

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