Friday, July 3, 2009

Nothing Else Matters

ohh.. give me a break!

For so long I haven't been strumming and plucking this song. It reminds me of my childhood where my big brother used to play every single day and it was like a tune singing plus hovering my mind again and again. From that memory that I could recall, I was absolutely mesmerized with his skill of grasping nice melodies on his guitar kapok. It sparked a line of music in me, a melody in my mind, a song in the eyes of a innocent kid to actually hold a musical instrument and most probably the skills of getting attention expressed in harmonic ways.

Nothing Else Matters, a song who turned me into a guitarist and a person who enjoys music a lot. Yes, I mean a LOT! Different types of music do reflect my attitude, behaviour and personal emotions. Genre is a simple yet funny term designed for humans to be able to differentiate between hard rock music and softy ones, not forgotten to the harmonic and heart-catching beats who turned a mass of people become who they not. As for me, genre doesn't matter at all! As long as the beats and the rythms suit me, it will be fine! = )

It is such an honour to have a big brother who seeds me with colourful world of music and melody. Although my father doesn't like high volume filling the air of the house. Sorry Dad, my bad. I could not deny it, sometimes the sounds from the guitar I plucked surpass the permissible volume that you could bear with. It is a life of a teenager, full of curiousity and love to try something new and extraordinary. I'll be a good boy, and always be in your heart! To my big brother if you read this (I'm sure you'll) well, thanks a lot for giving me the idea of playing guitar although big sis didn't catch up with me untill now. Haha = P

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WAK ZAILAN said...

you are welcome!!

i didn't have much time playing now, too many things that needs more attention...

btw, good luck... anything less, its just 'no, Nothing Else Matter....'

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