Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My Respect Never Ends

I have a very high-spirited respect for my friends who managed to get up and be in a extraordinary good mood after all that you have been going through. Although there's still one person who didn't have the motivations to move on, at least most of them can make it right?

Thanks to you guys I can swim to the surface of consciousness and regain my true meaning of life of what I should be. In fact, I am now able to breath almost freely and happily for myself for the mean time. I hope things won't get worse in the future.

It's all marked down at my heart. Don't get really sad or I will tear my eyes crying for the sadness of yours. Till then. Cheers baybeyh! =)

I'm a big boy

I don't even realized myself that i recently had celebrated my 20th birthday. it was a blast though i was the only one who thought it to be that way. Well, that's not the main point. The idea here in the new post is regarding of how i ride the roller coaster of being an adult. Seriously, I still think that I'm a kid / sluggishly begging for an ice cream on a fine evening from my mother.

To add to the complications, I never ever thought that, I have the opportunities to pursue my studies abroad. It was like a miracle. I couldn't believe myself that I am able to achieve what I have achieved right now. Compared to my fellow friends, ranging from my junior high school buddies only 2 people stood out to be shining sparkly in their studies and five to fifteen perhaps are friends from senior high school that are eligible to pursue education overseas. The rest? I've heard lots of stories from the rest. I mean the ones who are not shining stars.

It was a shame to them, though at the school they were my rival in everywhere (referring to many friends back then) . However, that's how the life works on humans. Not everyone has the same opportunities to what i have now. Life is about how you live in it. It revolves around things that happened presently. Less in the past and little for the future.

I love the quote that I happened to jump into my head right now, it was taken from the reading materials a couple of weeks back. It sounded like this,

"it is important to live presently like there's no more tomorrow, because those who enjoying the present, very much has a bright future"

which means, it is very crucial that one has to be at full enthusiasm to live his/her life right now! less worrying about the past and have a slight thought for the future. On top of that, one does not need to plan many things about the future and forget about the present needs.

back to the main topic, I heard that some of my friends are criminals right now (surprise?). Not surprise enough if I say that they were wanted by police and rumour states that they now in jail. I'm not fucking believe it myself. But that's the truth. I'm sad for them. This is due to their family background. Some of them don't have a life that they don't deserve to have. It's confusing though, but what can I do?

the more I become happy, the more sad and solemn stories I happened to hear. I don't wanna post here though, but I noticed that, I should have prayed for their success in the future and don't give up no matter what happens next. It is important to hold back a moment if you fall down and collect all the motivations to project a high speed momentum for yourself. One fine strong man falls down on his knees really makes me cry. It was like a horse which lost it leg. It cannot run anymore.

Done. I cannot stand anymore. The more I share the stories, the more I feel sad and guilty. Then, I want to conclude this post with my favourite quote from my loving and caring mother,

"education meets and leaves us with fond and sad memories throughout your life, it binds us to each other and separates us later on"

it gives me strength to me every single time I have to deal with the end of year, the end of course, and the end of every long meetings with my friends. thanks mom
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