Tuesday, June 7, 2011

10 awesome movies that you should watch

these 10 movies are totally my personal favourite movies that I think should be watched. it's completely personal view and if you think they are not an awesome movies, feel free to comment.

I list them all in no particular order, so here goes

1) Forrest Gump (1994)
Story of a man sitting on a bench telling stories of his personal lives to complete strangers. Full of comedy, funny moments, touching and loving scenes, and to cut the long story short, it's brilliantly made. Ever heard of a quote that goes like "life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get"? I reckon this movie as having the true good American spirit that plays with emotion and has sense of what life is meant for people.

2) The Shawshank Redemption (1994)

What would you do if you are innocent but allegedly guilty and had to face life jail sentence? Ever wondered what it feels to be living behind bars? Have a go at this movie, and you might realize and appreciate what is the explicit meaning of being a free person. Being successful at young age by having a job as a banker and having beautiful wife do not mean that your life is gonna be at a good side. Sometimes life fucks you up, but that does not specifically determine your future. I give this movie 9.5 out of 10. See for yourself why I rate that good. I bet you won't regret watching it.

3) Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs

When I first watched the trailer, my mind was blown away. I mean, who the fuck would ever think that foods can be falling from sky? I didn't see that shit coming ever since I was young. Seriously, who would have thought this idea is awesome. This movie is worthy to watch. It's not gonna disappoint you.

4) Megamind

Another animated movie. I watched this movie like three times in a row. You know why? BECAUSE this movie is FREAKING great! I like the story line where you realize that the bad guy is the real good guy. Confused yet? Go see for yourself. I won't bother telling you the story. That would jinx the awesomeness of this movie. What are you waiting for? Shooo!! Go see the fucking movie. God dammit!

5) Taken

Moral of this story. Don't let your daughter travels independently. Especially in Europe. Because Europe is the most evil place where young girls get abducted and turned into sex slaves. How to curb the problem? Be the most bad ass father who can obliterate the whole gangsters and bad people to save a single daughter. One of the most moving and touching movie I would say. A loving father is a loving father. Enough said.

6) Treasure Planet

I always fond of something magical and has connection with finding treasures. Maps, compass, ships, captain, pirates, and treasures for me is so epic. By epic, I mean adventures. Think about the adventure that one has to endure to get the so called legendary treasure. Voyaging throughout the deadly seas, meeting with the gigantic sea creatures, epic battles with pirates, oh I could go on forever but to cut the story short, if you are fond to something like this, this movie should be on your list to watch. Even if you are not so into the adventurous story line, you still will be amazed by the awesome story of finding legendary treasure by the young boy named Jim.

7) The Dark Knight

Batman has always been one of the most popular superheroes of all time. Why? Because Batman is Batman. Haha. No, it's true. Batman is great, awesome, and kick ass! The reason behind these qualities is that Batman is a true superhero that has no superpower like Superman, Green Lantern, Fantastic Fours and other notable superheroes that defy the law of physics. Batman only uses his advanced superhero suit and awesome gadgets to save Gotham from evil gangs. The Dark Knight tells you the whole story of why Batman is a great protector of Gotham city.

8) Inception

Dream within a dream? I never imagined such word or phrase could appear. I mean, it's so mind blowing, mind fucked if you think about it real hard. Shit. From the director of the Dark Knight, Inception is also one of the most awesome, epic, majestic or whatever words that could describe the kind of awesomeness of the movie. If you have not seen it. Go fucking see it. Don't waste your time reading my shitty blog here.

9) Back to the Future Trilogy

Time travelling, future, past, present? What the fuck? This movie never ceases to amaze me. The physics and science behind the story is unimaginable by the fact that this movie was made on 1985 and 1990s. I love how the movie predict what's gonna be in the future where cars are flying, you will have hover board instead of skateboard. Train can be turned into flying vehicle. Fuck that shit. This movie is awesome.

10) Terminator series

Last but not least, The Terminator. When I was young, I was so scared to look at the robot and I nearly wet my pants when I saw the terminator in the first movie. The terminator was so scary as hell with red eyes, machinery torso and posses deadly weapon trying to kill human. Dammit. That shit was a real scare for me. I even went future to not bother knowing what the future is gonna be like when I was young, I would rather die young than face the scary motherfucker robot in the future. Put the scary robots aside, the story is quite amazing and interesting. To be honest, a movie with time continuum or whatever that bullshit is, if it incorporates time travelling matters, is always an interesting idea for a story.

Not happy with my list? Please leave a comment and tell me what do you think should be included in the list. Till next post. Cheers :)

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