Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I gave Amin a message just now..

Amin, bile result IELTS kuar? Camner kite nak tau?

and this was his reply..

Hmm.. aku tgh fikir jalan gak nak dpt result 2 jugak. Kena kol kbu kut. tp 2 ah, aku rase dpt taun depan. Bab diorang kate anta result kat kolej. 2 la pasal..

Any recent news will be posted later on..

Sorry for the inconvinience and disappearance lately..

it was because i have a major problem with my sista's laptop and i couldn't post anything from now and onwards..

This is all i can tell a little about ielts.. Till then.. bye2..

p/s : I wont be posting anything till my sista's laptop is fixed..


Liyana said...

i asked mrs lee once about this thing. she said that idp will send us the result letter according to the address that we fill in the form. then the college will get one copy of it.
it u fill ur home address, just wait then. by 19 or 20, u'll get the letter, i guess.

this is what mrs lee said, if i'm not mistaken.

mud said...

indera, all d besh tuk result hng yay

.::annemishi::. said...

erm...senior ku ckap..leh cek on9..
huhu.. all da besh utk ur result gak.. Insya Allah

athira said...

die post gi umah kan? and boleh check kat intrnet..kalo xsilap la...neway, papepon kte da cbe yg terbaek..huuu~

Indera Putera Kayangan -Mus- said...

to liyana, anis, athira :
nak tak nak kena tggu ari selasa laa..

to mud :
ohh thank you very much.. same goes to you my fren..

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