Monday, December 8, 2008

I'm alone in the house 16~

First thing first, why do people always leave me behind when i need them the most??

I've faced these painful days many times before, and yet those excruciating events still relentlessly happen to me.. Ohh my.. guess i'll be alone forever.. Nothing's permanent and i admit that..

Then people with start asking me with the same question.. "Why x balik lagi??" rather than "Are you okay right there??" Ohh im gonna cry..

Can somebody please be my shoulder to cry.. Please??

I still here celebrating Eid Adha at Bandar Utama.. Luckly there is zhaf (he's the best friend so far) he always rings me a call to make that im okay or not.. Ask me to go hostel and lepak with him.. Plus, accompany him to study.. (hope u do well in german test, all the best!!)..

One more thing.. Last night was a nightmare for me.. You know, staying alone in a big and expensive house.. Nothing is creepier than staying alone in this house.. Luckly internet was sooo damn fast~ cause no one used it as usual.. Unfortunately there are mean people who made me scared.. yea i know i shouldnt put my status like "im staying alone, everyone's gone and i have no one to play around" but then don't tease me cause im freaking scared.. Listing down their names and their 'decent' manners,

A friend of mine from my previous school.. while chatting with him, he asked me to look at the window and question me, "did you see an apparition hovering outside your window??" Kyaaa!! He also said that you'll be sodomized by your neighbour.. (huh? What the fish!!!)

Beware of this girl.. she seems okay but the true colour of her is so unthinkable.. Ohh my... she loves all those scary, cold-blooded killing, psyco movies.. And im too scared to talk about it.. Nooo!! I wont bother myself catching movies with this girl if she picks such stories.. Hey Ruby, make sure you don't opt for that kind of movies eh? plus don't laugh at me.. Dah memang takoot nak buat camner..

This guy, hurmmm.. what can i say.. he always takes me by surprise.. Call me late at night and told that there's a long-haired woman staring at you... Oh nooo~ , not again.. Despite all scary jokes, he still thought about me staying alone in the house and wanna come to my house to accompany me.. But then, i refused.. Instead, its better for me to go hostel and accompany him with the others..

2 words - damn you! To put it more simpler, i just wanna tell you guys that he told me to not going to sleep cause there was a lot of dead people downstairs coming up right now and looking after me.. Woohoooo~ and reminds me of those haunted houses back then at MCKK's area..
Btw, he is also a friend from my previous school.. He's funny and always makes me laugh all the time..

Too many people to put in here, but as far as i remember, these people contribute the most scary moments to me.. Ohhh thank you very much guys.. I really appreciate it.. *seriously*

God is on my side and always be, a few great people help me figure out my freaking attitude.. Do you want me to list it down?? Ohh yea.. sure..

We chat till she's too tired to go on.. Lots of things we talk about and consequently made my life wasnt soo boring and scary last night.. Oh thank you tati~

She went home by plane.. *Wow!!* and she talked about how to book a ticket, get discount, plan a journey and many more.. And i was thinking to get myself in an aeroplane before going to Australia, to have the experience so that i wont be kekok later on.. And by a chance dated back a few months ago, i somehow knew a friend of her who currently studying at KYUEM.. Nothing much we talk about her friend cause she abruptly signed out..

A friend in need is a friend indeed.. yes, i believe in that.. she was there when i need someone.. She kept motivating me to stay cool and calm.. im a man and i shouldn't be afraid of unseen things.. Ohh sue~ millions thanks to you!!! Things are getting better when we talk about our common interest, cats. Sue please be noted that i'll abduct your Obi Wan.. And wanna hug him tighly and i wont let it go~ hahaha..

Till here.. Hope you guys enjoy your holiday~ and im still stucked here at bandar utama.. huwaaa~

p/s : anybody plans to celebrate New Year here in KL?? pls let me know.. I wanna a first hand experience celebrating new year in KL.. every year i was like celebrating with my lovely sister and brother in front of television.. opportunity like staying here never comes again after this.. certainly im gonna grab it wisely.. I wanna enjoy at my own country before going abroad~

Please let me know eh?


athira said...

weih, sory r aku tersign out tbe2 arituh..internet connection slow + battery laptop da kong..hehehee..neway~ cmne ko knal imm?

smallK said...

sial kutuk aku dlm blog

i'll sue you
see you in court

Indera Putera Kayangan -Mus- said...

to athira : xpe2.. aku kenal dia melalui sorang member aku skang blaja kat kyuem..

to smaIIK : hehehehe3.. sorry2.. aku keseorangan.. so aku takut.. jangan sue aku kat dalam court!!! nnt leceh nak kena deal ngn jpa.. melepas lak peluang aku nak ke oversea~

Liyana said...

its ok..
ko kan llki..
berani la skit..
ku pnah gak duk sorg dlm umah 69 tuh...
tpi sehari je la~
bosan tahap gaban..tkut tuh tak sgt la sbb tgok mvie mmnjang..ngeh33~

Indera Putera Kayangan -Mus- said...

ngelat kaw tgk movie.. ade sumthing yang ko leh wat.. aku tgk astro time malam2 cite x best pown.. so aku lepak kat bilik je memanjang.. last2, ended up lepak kat hostel.. zhaf ajak~

.::annemishi::. said...

ahahahaah..b chill bebeh~~

Anonymous said...

fuh!finally blh gak msuk blog awk ni..hihihi..thanx to u too..aduh..sakit perut gelak chat ngan awk ni ha..hahaha!gilor jd nye..

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