Sunday, November 15, 2009

straying data

it's drawing near to an end,
beginning to a something new,
something far beyond my expectations,
hope i can still have the massive guts to hold and combat all the things lies beyond the future,

honestly, i don't feel like i am so into the future,
i am a man of present, am i?

things changed dramatically in the pasts, way too much, until i realized that i was a fool back then. but now, i won't let any those of you who had severely deceived me. oh man, it was really painful and stretched a long hatred mark written down on my heart.

so called friendship is no longer holds on its purposes of helping each other, be there when one's needed it, standing side-by-side not leading or holding back from one another, come with new solutions if there's unexpected difficulty. be friendly with me dear?

i won't need to be friend with one who cannot hold his promises, what one says to others are all some sort of lies to conceal the unpredictable truth within.

i don't need the medication to cure all the pains endured,
i don't want all the comfy words from your mouth anymore,
i don't have all it takes for you to judge me as what you thing i am,
i don't let any of your cats to be out of the bags, i really MEAN it,
i don't have any of the intentions to be the good one if front of everyone's eyes.

all i want is nothing much! a true heart speaks its own ways. think for that for a second.

seriously, it's a breathtaking prolonged period of doom of becoming a so called good person.
one man's perceptions are way too subjective to be discussed here, one's perceptions of good is another man's perceptions of lying.

oh god, media plays it role on a tremendous track, it happens that everything good turns to be evil and the other way around. i now have my eyes opened through the world. experience shapes me to be the one i wanted to be. no such things as mind-straying stories could be able to swap away my mind over the right things nor inspire me to go on evil roads.

please, if media has moved on its own ways of mind-controlling people, STOP from being not who you are. a lot and lots of stories have been made fake. but why i still trust you until the very end of a beginning something new?

the way your speak your mind has always been a confusion to my mind and my heart. it always be, obviously, what you tell me does not reflect any of your ideas. i really hope that, though it's almost clock out, i have able to tell you the truth minds of me telling you all the lies that you have drawn on my hearts. i kept it all long ago. accumulated on a mountain of very high that you barely see with naked eyes, as if it is almost touch the blue sky.

**** you?! <---- readers, are you able to interpret what's going on here? nope? guess what?
what you think it is, it is not!

no pain no gain, cheers to all
long last pain never regain
hopefully it won't hold me back again

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