Sunday, March 7, 2010


it's sunday today. reporting from Adelaide, weather outside seems to be a little bit chill, but not cold as it were yesterday.

i woke up early this morning. after performing my subuh prayer, sleep doesn't seem to please me at this very morning. then i decided to find something to read. luckily it appeared that one religious book entitled Muhammad, The Messenger of God amazes me this one fine morning. English version as it printed, but I managed to catch up with the pace of the way the book describes about Prophet Muhammad, all praise to him.

now, it reminds me of how great he were on his era. Even the non-Muslims admit to his influence and remarkable power. His behavior were the greatest amongst all mankind. Al-Ameen which he had been called among his companions and enemies as he was a very truthful man, he meant every words he said and never lied about it. I'm ashamed of myself if I reckon myself to his.

At least, I should have acted more matured in every way. Stop thinking bad things about other people as what he actually did to his enemy. He even prayed for the goodness of his enemies and marked no signs of avenged on his heart. It's a bad of me to getting strayed from the right path of truthfulness and i hope for a better man in me in the near future. It's not worth every seconds, wealth, or anything valuable than seek forgiveness from Allah, the Almighty God. This world is only temporary, what should we actually seek is the Hereafter which is permanent.

there, i'm not trying to preach everyone here. But as i mentioned, i am amazed by the behavior of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. and i hope to be like him someday. Surprise every living organism with full of amazing things.

I bear witness that there is no God to be worshiped except Allah and I bear witness that Muhammad is the Messenger of God - kalimah shahadah

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