Saturday, March 6, 2010

avoid harm!

on this post, I would love to share a valuable experience from what have I been going through in my life. It may be crucial for you to just take 5 minutes of your time to read what am I going to write here. For some reasons, it happens when we least expecting it.

For starters, I wanna ask you, my respectful readers, a couple of questions. Have you ever been in a situation where you think you weren't supposed to be? Particularly in a conflict between you and your friends, family, or even acquaintance? I bet you all at least have been through this harsh moments right? To make it an easy word, it a conflict!

now let we go a little deeper to this topic. I'm sure everyone hates to be in this particular moment. But, as I said earlier, it happens when we least expecting it. What's the point of getting each others nerve right? I mean, it can be avoided. But how? For some reasons, I find that, every conflicts that happens, begins with a small statement or false information and even wrong words used in speaking, which lead to an argument and so on so forth. Absurdly stating, even a small thing could create a massive storm of arguments between two people. They defend their arguments and don't want to lose.

Well, here are my point of view regarding this matter and recommendations of how to prevent unnecessary conflicts between two people. Every person in this world two different character, one DOMINANT and the other INFERIOR. Depending on situations, someone can be dominant in one particular circumstance, but may be inferior in events and vice versa. In most cases, arguments between Dominant and Inferior characters cease immediately, at least it would not drag for a long period of time. Why? It's easy because Inferior would bow to the ideas of Dominant. Compared to arguments between Dominant and Dominant it never fails to amuse people around them. Their angers are thrown to each others faces like they would never want to see each other for the next thousands years as for example. Curses and bad words flying all over the place, noting each other wrong doings, make every sentence so sharply that can cut the flesh of the other opponent. That's very rude I tell you. It's a shame if you keep going to this attitude. People around you will never look up at you, and there's no doubt about that.

Right, now you would spend a couple of minutes or so, would you mind recognize yourself, which category are you in? A DOMINANT character, or the INFERIOR one? I didn't mean to discriminate any of those quality, it's perfect as it is. But keep in mindful mind that every person has a feeling. They get touched when you purposely touch their soft spots. PLEASE remember that yeah?

Now getting on to my recommendations, let's say that you the dominant person, it's very easy to detect whether you are dominant or inferior. In every circumstances, a dominant character seems to stand out amongst the others, and unashamedly express his or her ideas although they might wrong. On the other side, inferior tends to listen to ideas and just follow the agenda of dominant, whether willingly or unwillingly is the second business for them.

In an argument of dominant and dominant, do mind it's a very serious business here. You're a dominant character and your opponent also has dominant traits, I suggest you let the opponent speak first, and listen to his arguments pleasantly. Try to get a win-win situations, it's a best option you have at the end.

As for the inferior and dominant and vice versa, dominant always wins the arguments right? Yes, if I would say. But, do note that people are not perfect and they make mistakes. Again, listen to what the other party wants to express if you are inferior. Don't cut the strong arguments in the middle. The dominant party will get angry and drag to a new whole level of arguments if you are in the wrong situation at the wrong time. PATIENT is need here. I mean a LOTS of them. Just when the right time comes, do correct dominant person mistakes in a good manners, and express your ideas or statements with correct tone volume. Don't get INTIMIDATE by the dominant. They are just showing off that they are the great I tell you. Inferiors sometimes win the fight =)

Well, that's all for today. I hope you get the idea and know how to react appropriately when you have to face a conflict. Have a good day =)

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