Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Last weekend, I had a chance to go shopping with a friend of mine. He just got back from KYUEM, the place where the wise and smart students with good grades are lumped together. He went back home for only a night. Luckily, on Saturday’s evening him texted me on asking whether I’m free or not. Straight to the point, we ended up at One Utama. I didn’t know that he was merely 15 minutes to be at home. I accompanied him to get his tummy done and to quench his thirst. We had a long chit-chat session, asking each other how things going on, how am doing right now and so on. A lot of things we wanted to burst out actually, but good things never last! Can we just stop the clock, please anyone? = P

The main topic that I want to share and emphasize is not just talking about my friend. I had a thought about one thing which is prayer room. Have you guys ever thought of why in such beautiful and attempting place like shopping mall, basically places with lots of shop to be visited especially for shopaholics the prayer room is designed not so wise. Why? If you guys notice, prayer room is meant to be next to the wash room. I kept thinking about this matter. In Islam, any kind of spot where people have to answer the nature call and the business done is a place for Satan and devils. Isn’t that irony whereby the prayer room which is supposed to be the holy and sacred place for worshipping and performing the prayers is sitting next to the place where devils and Satan reside?

Orang nak gi solat.

Don't do this please?

Are they (the planners and builders) trying to say that virtue and devil come together? Or am I just being to concern about this? Are they have hidden agenda why they have to build like this? Can someone answer my doubt over this matter? Do mind you, especially those who are taking Architecture course which I assume you guys are going to do task like planning, designing and everything. Please, have a profound mind on what are you creating. Turn every problem into solutions, and reckon every right for people. In fact, in certain shopping complexes, the prayer rooms are placed at parking lots. Although, it’s not good for health but at least, isn’t near the wash room.

A lot of petty things which I have doubts on across my mind to be honest, this is one of them. Tell me what the answer is so that I could understand the whole idea of the planning. Thank you.

Sometimes, small thing can create a disaster.

Till now, go on with my life = )


Nashtiera said...

betul gak tu ek
bru ku perasan pasal hal ni

khair 3rd said...

ha ahkan
x terfikir aku

- semua stesen petronas ader surau, x kira di tengah pekan, dalam kawasan kg
-surau petronas lagi bersih dari surau shell dan selainnya

Indera Putera Kayangan -Mus- said...

to Nashtiera :
Lain kali kena alert benda2 camni.. walaupun nampak cam simple tapi selalu kita amik x peduli.

to Ajim :
sebab tu aku pilih Petronas dari stesen minyak lain.. We have to be proud to our own Petroleum Company.. so? support la Petronas! kah4..

khair 3rd said...

come on petronas!!

Nashtiera said...

bukan x amek peduli.
aku ni de mslh selective hearing n selective seeing siket.Tu psl x prsn.

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