Monday, December 21, 2009

obsessions! [ part 1 ]

there are few things i want to possess in this entire world. simply said it's a wish list. i bet you guys have the same thing in your mind right? i mean, the idea of wishing, not my list of wish which comes after this. it may be similar to some of you, but for some, it doesn't really come with the same wavelength as mine. alright here we go.

1. guitars! + drum sets
oh yes, this is the most lovely thing if i could get one.

i want them all. all of them. none is left behind.

yup, it is always on my mind when i comes to music. guitar, guitar, guitar, guitar. . . . . . . . . . . . . . [echoing]
not to mention that, i am grateful that i have the beat for playing drums. although it is not as good as Tre Cool [Green Day's drummer] plus you can even say that i'm a bit beginner to reach to his level but, i'm pretty cool drummer too~!!

2. personal library

nice isn't it?

i dream and wish that this second list might come true when the right time comes, when money rolling in so fast in my bank account and i have lots of money to spend on. of course when you got money, no money no purchase power. the reason why i want a personal library is that, i can stock up all my books, ranging from my childhood until recent books that i would buy. it has sentimental value that no one can ever feel it other than me. there, my kids can also enjoy reading in a serene environment, a good place to study, a fine time for me to draw a great bond with my children in times of discussing school works. oh my, i hope it'll be real in the future.

3. camaro chevrolet

for you information, this is bumblebee! yeah~! i fall in love the first time when i look at this car. its so amazing! but the price now is skyrocketed with amazing rates too! thanks to the media who plays it part significantly, the movie transformers have a good ads on advertising new car models, oh my goodness. i wish i have one in the future. when the price has fallen to a reasonable and affordable price. one camaro in the future is waiting for me~!

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