Sunday, December 20, 2009

rules on the road

hey buddy. guess what?? today's post is about rules and regulations on the road.
hell yeah! it's pain at the ass if you guys ever encounter drivers who drive recklessly on the road. it's like the load is bapak lu punya lo... lets pray that none of us like this.

do know that, if you're holding or grasping hands on the steering or handle bars, make sure you realize that you're in dangerous and hazardous situation. anything that goes with speed can kill. even a small rock being thrown to an animal seems painful to be watched. see?

okay, here are the rules and with all respect, i need your attentions here!

1) keep in mind that you're RESPONSIBLE for the souls you're carrying on your shoulders. whether you notice or not lives are not playable toy. it can't be bought in shops in any currencies. if you're driving or riding alone, always remember that you're carrying your own soul!

2) for a certain reason, don't use a high beam light at night unless necessary. yes i really mean it. use it only when it is confirmed that there's no vehicles at the front. if you can't really see at night or the images are blur about 50 meters, it recommended that you don't drive at all. because if you use high beam light where there is a vehicle in front of you, don't you think there front driver endured an explosive blind lights when he/she looks at the back-view mirror, plus the two side mirrors. in this case, i would advise the drivers out there to try to imagine that you're in the front driver's shoes. annoying isn't it? well, don't do that if you don't what the same thing happens to you dear reader. what you give you get back, no?

3) do you agree that when vehicle at the back is tailgating you for some goddamn time, you have to bear in mind that PLEASE give way for the back vehicle to pass by. it is also an important task to do so when you see the signals are on from the back vehicle. it is totally a waste of time for the likes of you who don't know this simple and vital sense of safe driving. i have to let this out because a friend of mine don't know this simple rule. get it remembered will you, dear readers?

4)signals. oh my goodness, this is a big issue, way too subjective. but, the most important things here is that, always, always, and ALWAYS turn on the signals when you're heading sideways, i mean, if you turn to a junction. an extreme loathe will accumulate to the driver at the back where the front cars suddenly decelerate to turn left/right.
and again the signals is a must task for every circumstances of heading the other road or junctions. in the case of you, a driver who wants to get to the other road, imaginations needed here, so please imagine for just 5 secs, you want to get to right, note that you're not moving just coming from a junction (green car) and you want to get to the lane of the blue car, its bothersome if you see the car(brownish colored) at your right suddenly turn left (at brown car's point of view) without displaying a signal. again, madafaka them all.

that's how it is, there is a lot to touch on actually, but i'm short of idea now. will be back on the next post probably. last advice, don't do driving if you're sleepy and if the sleeping remedy is more attractive and valuable than your souls. sleepy head's driving is dangerous, remember you'll sleep forever if you take it for granted.

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