Sunday, November 9, 2008


Please have a look at older post regarding GALA night.. A few things have been amended..

We have an Applicable Maths Test, details are as follow:

Date : Nov 10, 2008
Class : A610
Time : 9 to 11 am
Topic : Chapter 8 : Sketching of Graphs until Chapter 12 : Statistics (Permutations and Combinations)

Please bring and pass up accounting homework (Review questions - 26.1 to 26.8, its about depreciation) after applicable maths test..

This is the important part!!
Everyone must stay back after accounting class.. There's something that i want to discuss about..
Its about the YTM, JPA Annual Dinner.. I'll briefly tell you guys what to do on that night.. Mainly bout task division.. Be sure to tell your friend sitting next to you as they might forget bout this or the information is not clearer enough or doesnt reach them at all.. Your help and kindness are really appreciated..

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a man of value - Albert Einstein

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