Sunday, November 23, 2008

Thank You Mr President!

After performing Asar prayer, i went to the basketball court with Firdaus(Pdah), Fahmi(Cho) and Mahmud(Iranian guy).. We played the game till the rain pours down.. We played 2 against 2.. Mahmud is on my side while Pdah n Cho as our opponent.. We ended up winning 2-1 against Pdah's team.. I was afraid if we kept continuing our game as the weather's getting cold with the rain cats and dogs is coming in a sec, some of us would have stayed in hospital right now because you know the consequences of playing on a slippery court, we might fall down and get injured.. So, finished earlier and I had a nice bath today, and it was like it has been a long time since it was, you know, after having a physical activity which can make us sweat, its good to have a bath after it..

Night, this is the best part.. i was wandering whether should i go out and get some foods to eat or just 'kirim'.. Luckly i was holding my mobile, and turn it on, saw 2 misscalls.. Check the number and it's from Amin.. huh? Then, i gave him a message asking "what's up??".. a few secs passed and Amin called me, answered the call and listened to Amin's voice, "Hey Indera, you should come to my house.. There are plenty of fried noodles right here now.. Come to my house quickly"
Hahaha.. I was starving actually, and Amin knows best for me! Thanks Amin, I you weren't there, i would probably have died now~ hahaha..

Thousands thanks again Amin, saves my money for today's dinner..


Liyana said...

ku tgh kelaparan mlm2 sbb x mkan dinner..tibe2 dpat bihun~

Indera Putera Kayangan -Mus- said...

Lepas dia hantar makanan kat umah kaw.. dia melakukan sesuatu di luar jangkaan!! Amin.. amin.. hmmm..

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