Saturday, November 22, 2008

Should We?

I have a few tests these couple of weeks.. So do all of us who study with me at KBU.. Somehow i always wonder, every time when it is time for exam, we always hear an inspiration and motivational support in term of words, doesn't care whether its mentally or physically.. In brief we call it a wish.. But we always hear this phrase from our friends, "Good Luck!", aren't we? Well, i suppose we do hear those words..

In general view, i would say that we always interpret it as "I hope you do well in the test" or maybe "Go get some good results so that we can celebrate it later" (hahaha! I think so)..

What am i trying to focus is that, i totally disagree by saying "Good Luck!" to our friends.. Its some sort of gambling, trying our luck to get a good result.. The chance is like 50 / 50.. There's a saying that i think it goes like this (correct me if I'm wrong), "Success is 99% of effort and 1% luck".. After all the difficulties and sacrifices we made to focus in our study, we just get a Good-Luck!-wish from our friends.. As you can calculate it by yourself, luck is only 1%!! I repeat, 1%!!! So, how come we expect our friends to get a good result in their tests??

So, in my point of view, i would say "All the best!" rather than "Good Luck" because i do believe effort that we put in is priceless than take it by a luck or chance..

For Arts Class

Tuesday - Information System
Wednesday - Economics


keciq_palee said...

aah gak kn..
da mcm habit lak ucp goodluck

Indera Putera Kayangan -Mus- said...

Thats why we need to chance the habits, penat2 member2 kte study, we simply wish them "good luck".. better u go to sport toto and try ur luck winning a lottery.. Luck is needed in that situation.. certainly not in STUDY!!

Liyana said...

klu gtu ku nak trik blik la sme kad yg ak bgi kat org...ak ske sbut gud luck....

fadli...ku trik blik...*all da best yea* hehe~

*yet, ad sorg golf player nih ckap
"the more i practice the luckier i become"

ape pun trserah pda Allah la dlm study kite nih..n bleh ku katakn sbgai "luck" yg Allah bgi...kdg2 kite study beriya dan yakin kite dapat result yg gmpak..tpi tgok2 x dpat...thats mean ad hikmah la di sbliknye..dan kdg2 kite x smpat nk study stu topik tuh tpi msuk dlm exam, n x sgkanye kite dpt jwab..tu jugak "luck" or i can say as "help" from Allah..sbb org yg bertaqwa akn mndapat prtlgan dri Allah dlm cra yg die x sgka2..insyaAllah~

nway, wish u all da best yea for ielts n ausmat~
smoga semua usaha ko mmbuahkn hasilnye~

Indera Putera Kayangan -Mus- said...

Terima kasih Yana!! Kata anda memberi semangat.. Aku berserah segalanya kepada yang Maha Berkuasa.. Amin~

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