Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Yea thanks again Mr President! (Part 2)

Sorry guys to keep you waiting.. What happened next?? Curious?? It's simple.. Just click here.

Thanks to Calvin for the stories.. (Calvin you should thank me, I'm advertising your blog here..)

Btw, as i promise before this, here are all the photos.. Enjoy the most harsh time of Amin facing his reality, our lovely and caring president who turns to be bad!!

This was his action while shouting at me.. Hurm.. NAUGHTY boy..

Could be the last species on Earth.. unfortunately.. got broken legs, hit by our Mr. President..

I'm helping the victim of Amin's reckless act.. Somebody should advise him btw.. See, see? He's happy with me.. See the smile on his face!!

Amin~ sorry to say but you are trully a mean guy.. Hahahaha~ just kidding.. Amin's actually a nice friend.. You won't do something like that, do you?.. Chill out Amin, no hard feelings okay??


annemishi said...

x bleh blah btol laa pic amin tuh..haha~ brung tuh lawa aar..ngee~

Indera Putera Kayangan -Mus- said...

hahahaha.. Amin memang lawak kadang2 n selalu.. aku pun x tau ape terjadi kat burung tu sekarang.. nak kena tanya balik sama Calvin ngn Amin..

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