Wednesday, November 19, 2008


This name came out when i was lepak-ing in front of house 67. Actually Kita is a group consists of azreen, hany, zhaf german, nad, and of course me! If anyone of you sees us sit together after this, thats kita!! Dont get me wrong and make false interpretations about all of us.. We became more friendly because of the dance that unites us.. Thats all, no more than that..

While chit chatting joyously we had been approached by several guys and girls walking around us.. But then Qaisy joined us that night..

Straight away went to a gig (Fly FM anniversary) at One Utama after a glorious yet tiring dinner with seniors ended around 11 pm .. met with Atiqah n Syireen walking together within crowds, ahh yea! Snapped a pic with Ms Effa, she was there too.. with her Mr. Nice Guy..
I was there with Zhafran (germany).. walking around to find Tuan Faizal, (peh skema bagi name penuh).. hope you guys know him.. hes one of Germany-bound student.. confused about what was the purpose of going that gig actually bzoc when i arrived at the parking lot, i saw many people from all walks of life heading towards parking area.. so i was "huh, is it over?" in a sec, i took a quick glance at my silvery-shining watch (a best friend of mine gave it to me).. 11.13 pm.. curious with current situation i asked one of the passerby there.. "Bro, gig da abis kew?"

Reluctantly he answered, "blum lagi.." and get on with his journey to go home or somewhere else.. Yes gig isnt over yet!! i still got a chance to meet a few indie bands that i like such Meet Uncle Hussain and many more...

We walk, run, and jumping with dancing style to be precise till we reached the gig platform.. As we passed by i noticed that concert had already over before we knew it.. Sucks! Id been cheated by a gig fan.. We finished our business (look for Faizal).. Passed a long queue of people nearby lifts which were congested (maybe they are going to catch a movie?) i d k

On the way back, i heard someone shouting for me.. Indera!! searching where the hell that shout came from, i saw those two girls from archie 2 class.. All actions have been mentioned.. no need to explain..

Went back home at 11.30 (cant remember when was it actually) and then we headed to house 67, Zhaf wanted to meet Hany, rang their house bell many times and Azreen came out, we sat down on cold tar while waiting for Hany to come down..

The best came after all, start with gossiping.. and then Qaisy approached us.. we talked bout life in KBU college, dinner (he commented that the dinner was superb! marvelous! and the list goes on, yet he never expected that it would be like that), we asked him what hes going to do after this and so on.. in summary we talked a lot about petty things happening around us.. for me i think Qaisy is a very nice guy, a man with a lot of ideas, far-sighted thinker, very well-organized, and handsome to some extent (hahaha, dont get me wrong.. im not a gay)
on the whole, i enjoyed talking to you that night! With all the so-called pharoah jokes, never thought of that in the first place.. Thanks btw.. Chill out bro~

and then~ Kita know what happened next when i got myself on my green + jambu scooter.. Naahh its boring and annoying.. I wont bother myself to tell bout it..

i went to sleep after performing Subuh prayer, woke up considerably not too late on that day, caught sore and panda eyes daaaa~


natto said...

aww.. indera.. ko tulis jgak psl ktorg! *terharu* *tears of ter-haru-ness* ^^

Indera Putera Kayangan -Mus- said...

Aku pun terharu dengan bantuan yang telah korang berikan~ *paham2 sendiri la* *smiles of happiness*

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