Sunday, November 2, 2008

Getting Started!

Gosh.. im blogging at last!
never thought that i really made my way to this blogging world..
I should give a credit to my two friends for spuring me to blog.. they are palee (the fair-skinned boy) and mat (the lanky guy).. they keep asking me the same question as the day passes by.. "hey, bile nak wat blog? kitorang tunggu ko buat baru kitorang buat!".. somehow they got a point when they added "daripada ko comment pictures kat page friendster orang, baik ko blogging".. deep in my heart i wanna say "kenapa la mesti aku yang start dulu, kan korang lagi terer bermain ngn kata2".. but i never got a chance to do it.. to palee n mat.. im looking forward to see your blog..

Oh yea btw, urmm... i was thinking.. if i can make my blog something that's really useful for music fans.. what I'm trying to say is that, maybe i could use my blog to share songs that i really enjoy listened to, videos that i think worth watching.. and for some reason, i could provide tabs + chords for recent and popular songs (this is recommended for beginner guitarist) as i noticed that is not really nice platform to learn chords and all those stuffs cause chords + tabs given are not really suited with the songs (fully tested by me many times, believe me!)

then, i've made a decision that perhaps i could use this blog as a place for reference especially for my classmates in particular matters e.g. dateline for passing up homework (often accounting), recent news about events that are being discussed in OUR Club (bcoz i think some information didnt reach to you guys and i don't have enough time to tell to you guys), how much money we need to pay for a certain payment and the list goes on.. in short, its mainly about arts and humanity class matters.. so to all my lovely classmates, be sure that you guys make a glimpse at this blog everyday to get up-to-date with ur class representative..

gah~ wow! i actually can blog.. yeah! palee n mat were right.. thanks you two! love ya so much..


~*tia*~ said...

u finally end up blogging! hahaaa...bagos2..len kali aku kasi komen kat blog ko plak eh

keciq_palee said...

weyh aq da blog la..
check it out man..

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