Thursday, November 27, 2008


This is Atiqah's idea, and i do think it's a good idea..
She intends to make a nice and beautifully-decorated album of our class, thats why we are taking a much much more pictures lately.. That album we'll give it to our beloved and lovely English lecturer, Mrs Lee..

Certainly a sum of money is needed.. (Don't expect that every thing's free)
So, she decided to collect about RM5 per person.. What do you guys think?? Noo!! Don't think!! Just pay it before the end of this week.. Of course pay it to me!!

Please tell the rest of the class about this idea.. Any suggestions, opinions on how to decorate the album, objections, reservations, and anything related to this matter you can convey it to her.. again, to her.. not me.. hahahaha!

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