Wednesday, November 5, 2008

GALA Night no more!! (Updated!)

No more GALA night!! Amended to JPA, YTM Scholarship Annual Dinner

Do notice that the-wont-change-anymore date has changed again for the last time which is on Nov 15, 2008 (Saturday)

After that the occasion will be held at Multi Purpose Hall (MPH).. No more tropicana lalalala and Selangor Golf Club...

Ah yea! the most important part is this one.. Who are not satisfied with this time line or the content of it you can voice up ur opinion at the chat box.. I will take several measures to make sure that this dinner will run smoothly..

Theme : CELEBRITY WANNABE.. (Wow, cool!!)
Explaination : Dress Code must be something that look formal but not so formal (huh?) Well its simple actually.. im sure most of you have seen some sort of occasion like Anugerah Skrin, Anugerah Bintang Popular Berita Harian, Teens Choice Awards, MTV Awards, Grammy Awards and whatsoever.. so, be sure to dress up like all those celebrities and guests.. got the idea? Well, those who dress decently would step a chance to be selected as either Mr or Ms Personality depending on your gender..

Timeline of Must-Go Function

7.45 - Arrival of guests and people who are being celebrated. Registration committee in charge of distributing doorgifts.

8.15 - Welcoming Dance by Azreen and ........

8.25 - Welcome speech by the MCs (will be Sherry and Chan)

  • Speech by director of the dinner
  • current OUR Club President;
  • advisor of the Club
  • Prayer reciting

8.30 - Dinner and then;

  • Slide Show
  • Duet Performance by Fid and Aya
  • Lucky Draw
  • Multi-cultural Dance (Azreen's in charge of it)
  • Lucky Draw
  • Mr and Ms Personality
  • Duet Performance by ....... and Zhaf

10.45 - Senior Sharing Session

11.00 - Ceremony Ends

Photography Session is done after everything's finished..

Awards/Prizes that will be given away on that night
  • Lucky Draw - 5 prizes (using Student ID number)
  • Mr and Ms Personality (one winner each)

Oh yea!.. during registration, make sure committee has a list of students/guests who want to buy photographs that are going to be taken at the end of the dinner.. Tell them bout this thing in advance during registration, sell one pic for about RM 1/2/++ depending on size that they want..To some extent, we can top up our OUR Club's savings..

Registration's Committee

  • Fatin
  • Norain
  • Fadli
  • Hanis
  • Jia Wern
  • Iva
  • Mus
  • Zeeman
  • Nur Haniff
  • Hanif

The Milk of Human Kindness -Mrs Lee-

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